Websites Applications

Examples of Websites Applications I created.

Current Work

This is where I am currently working as a Web developer. Here I work at making sure the website is functioning and fixing any errors that come up. I am also tasked with converting the site to mobile friendly, which I have been doing for the past couple of months. I have also redesigned the look of the homepage and the school landing page. Another one of the tracks that I was asked to do for the site was to go through every page and make sure they meet WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 compliance, so that way everyone will be able to access the site. I also added new features to the website such as the number of partner schools, on the blog pages I have added in a blog search and updated the look of the blog archives. I am also in the process of helping to re-brand the website as well.

Visit the site here...

Niagara Entreperneurship & Innovations Club

This project was a community sponsored project where we would speak with a client on what he would like for the website. We would have to set up meetings with the client to further discuss the project, and every 3 weeks or so we would have to present the client and teachers how far we have gotten and show any part of the project we had done.

The project itself was to create a website for a new club at Niagara College, this website would have to have a database created from MSSQL so that is could store user's information as well as different types of articles, club events and a search that will search everything on the site.

Joblister Project

This is a web application created using PHP and mySQL for the database. The user can see job listings, create a job listing, edit and delete a listing. I did use a template for the styling of the application. The template I used is from bootswatch and its called yeti. Please Note: there is a issue that still need to be worked out, if it doesn't load right away reload the pageand it should work.

Message Application

This is a web application created using PHP and mySQL for the database. The user can see messages stored in the database, create a message, and delete a message.

A image of the message app.