The table below is a list of both books and movie that help to inspire the steampunk culture.

Table of Books and Movies
Name Book Author Movie Directed
20,000 leages under the sea Yes Julies Vernes Yes Richard Fleischer
The Steampunk Bible Yes Jeff VanderMeer No None
The Abominable Dr. Phibes No None Yes Robert Fuest
Spirit walker Series Yes Katie Elliot No None
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen No None Yes Terry Gilliam
The Night Watchman Express Yes Alison Deluca No None
Arcadia of my Youth (1982) No None Yes Tomoharu Katsumata
The Hellfire Chronicales Yes G.D Falksen No None
Atlantis: The Lost Empire No None Yes Gary Trousdale
Back to the Future: Part III No None Yes Robert Zemeckis
The Clockwork Century Series Yes Cherrie Preist No None
Castle in the Sky No None Yes Hayao Miyazaki
City of Ember (Series) Yes Jeanne DuPrau Yes Cil Kenan
Leviathan Yes Scott Westerfeild No None
Dark City No None Yes Alex Proyas
The Time Machine Yes H.G Wells Yes Simon Wells
The Map of Time Yes Felix J. Palma No Yes
Franklyn No None Yes Greg McMorrow
Infernal Devices Yes K.W. Jeter No None
The Golden Compass Yes Philip Pullman Yes Chris Weitz
Howl's Moving Castle Yes Diane Wayne Jones Yes Hayao Miyazaki
The Illusionist No None Yes Neil Burger
The Iron Seas Series Yes Meljean Brook No None
The Prestige No None Yes Christopher Nolan
LarkLight Yes Philip Reeve No None
Wild Wild West No None Yes Barry Sonnenfeld