Examples of Websites I created.

Sass Website Template

This is an website I created using sass. The website has four different pages to get an idea of what different pages could look like.

Bootstrap Templapte

This is a website template that was created using Bootstrap 4, and using font awesome 5.

Ace Adventure Comics

This was a project for one of our business class, where we were give a client and we would present to the client some mockups for a website. Not only did we have to present two different mockups of the website, we also had to have a meeting with the 'client' to get an idea of what they would like for the website. We also had to design the logo for the company, the website mocks where created in photoshop, and then there was a very basic HTML added to the back end to make some of the links function.

P.A.s.t Group Application

P.A.S.T Group Application was a project where my group and I were provided information about a company and their need for a web application, what they wanted, how it was going to work. We had to go through the process of determining what the client wanted and presenting to the client what we could do for them. We also had to create a very basic application with the proper users and forms that the client wanted and then we again presented to the client what that application looked like and how it worked.

Steampunk Website

This is one of the first sites I created in my first year of school, it is also one of the first sites I created after not creating sites since the late 90's. The assignment was to create a site based on something that interests you and at the time I had started to get interested in steampunk.

The logo in the banner was created using Photoshop, we had to create a form and it looks nothing like what I am able to create now. Also, the site is not responsive because when it was created responsive design was in its infancy, and HTML 5 & CSS 3 had just been announced a new version.

Visit the site...

Photoshop Website

This is one of the first sites I created in using photoshop to create all the pages. Up until this point I had only used photoshop to create different types of images manipulations. The site is set a specific size and it will not take up the whole screen, also it is not mobile friendly as it was not really a thing to do back when it was created back in the mid-2000's.

Vist the site here...