Expamles of my work with API's

Random Quote Generator

This web application that grabs a array of random quote and then displays them one at a time to a Bootstrap 4 Card. There is also a button in the bottom right corner that will generate a new random quote from the array. There is also a color array that will randomize the background and button colors with every new quote displayed.

Languages Used:

See the Pen Random Quote Generator by Mindy (@minbarrs) on CodePen.

Weather App.

This is a weather web application that will request your location from your browser, and then it will display the users location, temperature and the weather to the user. Also if you click on anyone of the three celsius icons it will convert all three temperatures to fahrenheit and then back again. Please note that not all weather types have an icon set to display.

Languages Used:

See the Pen Local Weather App by Mindy (@minbarrs) on CodePen.

Twitch Stream Viewer

This web application accesses twitch and grabs an array of users and displays them with their icon, name of their channels, and if they are online or not. Also the user can sort the list by offline, online and then display all of them.

Languages Used:

See the Pen Twitch.Tv JSON API by Mindy (@minbarrs) on CodePen.

Wikipedia Viewer

This web application will allow the user to either generate a random Wikipedia page or use the search bar to search Wikipedia and then display those search results below, the title's are links to those pages.

Languages Used:

See the Pen Wikipedia Viewer by Mindy (@minbarrs) on CodePen.

Github Ajax Projext

This web application will allow you to search for github accounts and display their profile image, the number of repositories they have and allow you to go to the profile to view it.

Languages Used:

  • Ajax